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Four Sites to help You Stay on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Technology is moving at an insanely rapid pace, and you are expected to keep up. But in 2014, there were an estimated 60,000+ tech startups just in the United States. That is a massive amount of new technology to keep up with. And we can only assume the startup fever will [...]

By Holden Page | August 24, 2015 |
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The Four Alternatives to Google Analytics

There is no doubt that Google Analytics™ reigns supreme for tracking visitors to your website. It integrates with hundreds of third-party applications, supports tracking of your Google AdWords™ campaigns, and can manipulate your visitor data in a multitude of ways. And like many [...]

By Holden Page | August 17, 2015 |
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It's Time to Stress Test Your Website

The rules of the web are changing rapidly. Whipping up HTML code haphazardly and then throwing it on a server is no longer good enough. These days, there are expectations that what you upload to the web will be mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and secure, among various other things.[...]

By Holden Page | August 10, 2015 |
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Five Landing Page Services You Should Be Using

Converting visitors into email subscribers, customers, or followers takes more than a lackluster template your web host gave you. It takes a landing page built specifically to convince your visitors to take action. A well-built and relevant landing page can also help improve your [...]

By Holden Page | August 04, 2015 |
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5 Quick Tips for Website Optimization

"The web should be fast." That's been one of Google's mantras for the last couple years, as the web has grown exponentially. What they've seen is that as the web grows and more and more websites are created, there are a significant number of them that aren't optimized well enough [...]

By Tyler Conlee | June 16, 2015 |
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