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The Basics of Google AdWords Campaigns

You signed up for Google AdWords, and you are now overwhelmed by all the options. What is the difference between having a search campaign and a display campaign? If you are selling products, should you use search ads or shopping ads?[...]

By Holden Page | September 16, 2015 |
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Why you Click on Ads

Before we can talk about what makes someone click on your ad, you should understand what makes you want to click an ad. After all, making the decision to interrupt your workflow and spend time on something you didn’t already prepare for is a big deal. That means the ad you [...]

By Holden Page | September 14, 2015 |
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Five Things You Need to Know About Your Digital Marketing Agency

You know you need to increase sales, and pay-per-click marketing through Google AdWords is a great way to do that. Since you don’t have the time to do it yourself, it is likely you’ve stumbled upon or been contacted by an agency that can handle your Google AdWords account. But [...]

By Holden Page | September 09, 2015 |
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Google Punishes Mobile Sites That Use Pop-Up Mobile Ads

Google is making it easier for you to view the information you need. Starting November 1st, Google will start downranking mobile websites that use "interstitial" or pop-up mobile ads prompting you to install an app.[...]

By Holden Page | September 03, 2015 |
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Flash Ads Are Out, HTML5 Ads Are In

According to NetMarketShare, the Chrome browser owns nearly 28% of the browser market. That’s a significant chunk of the web passing through one browser, and the decisions Chrome makes can have a significant impact on your Internet experience.[...]

By Holden Page | September 01, 2015 |
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