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4 Tips to Getting Your Small Business Found Online

Looking for the best marketing techniques? They are really quite simple. The first and most important step for you is to hire an affordable search engine optimization consultant team to make sure that those techniques are implemented properly and effectively.[...]

By Tony Palazzo | August 30, 2013 |
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Logical Position Offers New Mobile Application

“As we developed it, we realized that every business owner could benefit from it,” said Palazzo, who is vice president of marketing for Logical Position.[...]

By Logical Position News | August 26, 2013 |
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4 Things to Think About When Improving Your Website

Having a high quality website is a must for businesses who want to take advantage of the growing trend of online shopping. But having a great web design means creating a website that does a lot more than simply look nice. In fact, the best website features might be ones that a [...]

By Tony Palazzo | August 22, 2013 |
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Three Easy Tips for Online Marketing

Did you know that over four million business listings on Google have been claimed by their business owners? At least several hundred, or even several thousand, of these businesses represent your online competitors. As a business, it is important to stay competitive online, [...]

By Tony Palazzo | August 15, 2013 |
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Logical Position Announces New Mobile App

Logical Position (LP) is excited to announce the first and only mobile application (app) to combine Google Analytics, Paid Search (AdWords) and competitive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports. The app, called Logical Position Analytics, shows users how their websites are [...]

By Tony Palazzo | July 24, 2013 |
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