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All About Image Extensinons

Have you ever wished you could make your ad stand out more on Google Adwords? It would be nice, wouldn’t it? As of now, Adwords for Google’s Search pages is limited to plain text ads, but as Google continues its beta test of the new image extensions from last year, select [...]

By Mariah Ore | June 09, 2014 |
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Top 5 Benefits of PPC: A Quick Introduction

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss over Google Adwords is about? We broke down the five benefits of PPC that set paid search advertising apart.[...]

By Mariah Ore | June 05, 2014 |
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The Truth About Your PPC Management Company

7 Tips to Help You Make Sure Your Internet Marketing Company is Working For You[...]

By Mariah Ore | June 01, 2014 |
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Where Are My Google Ads?

Whether you are managing your Google AdWords campaign on your own or are using an agency you’ve definitely said to yourself at one point “Where are my Google ads?!” It can be very frustrating to be paying money to an agency or directly to Google yet not see your ads appear when [...]

By Tony Palazzo | May 01, 2014 |
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Easy Tips for Teens to Reduce Online Drama

Nobody likes drama in their life, especially when it comes online, but there’s something about the free-for-all nature of the Internet that brings out the worst in people. If you want to reduce the stress of it all, follow these tips:[...]

By Tony Palazzo | April 09, 2014 |
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