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Meet Alfred: LP’s Automation Software

By Lina Allen | August 08, 2019

Alfred is changing the game. How, exactly? It makes optimizing accounts easier and more efficient by being a second pair of eyes watching over your account, constantly monitoring for small issues before they ever get the chance to grow. In a time when automation is becoming more and more prevalent in Google Ads accounts, Logical Position (LP) is taking a slightly different approach.

So… is it artificial intelligence?

Alfred is an automation software—but it doesn’t automate the entire process. It analyzes our Google Ads accounts and sends this data to employees. Alfred doesn’t make physical changes to accounts, it notifies employees of opportunities and allows employees to decide if making the change is necessary. Although Alfred is automated, it relies on human decision making to grow the Google Ads accounts we manage— it is only intelligent because of the intelligent minds behind it.

You’re probably wondering how it works.

Alfred communicates with the Google Ads accounts LP manages, our CRM, and Outlook to provide employees with recommendations. The recommendations are typically areas to grow an account or things to keep an eye on. Alfred pulls requests from our CRM to run certain scripts, then runs these in Google. Once Alfred is finished running the scripts, it has two options: it will either send an email to employees about what it found or will create an action in our CRM that employees can address. More pressing issues, such as an overspending account or broken URLs, typically necessitate an email.


One of the most convenient features Alfred offers is its ability to send customizable alerts that fit you and your strategy. If an employee is getting emails every day about an account that’s overspending, but that particular account actually has a flexible budget, employees can toggle email notifications on and off. They can also snooze notifications until a certain date.

Let’s say the shopping feed is down in an account, and Alfred alerts an employee about it. Instead of getting an email every day about this, the employee can snooze notifications until they expect the shopping feed to be fixed.

What else can Alfred do?

Alfred has nearly endless script capabilities. Just a few of the scripts it runs include a budget forecaster, which shows how much an account is predicted to spend based on what it is currently spending; and a link checking script, which shows which ads are redirecting to 404 error pages. The budget forecaster analyzes the data in Google Ads and gives that information to employees, which increases cost-effectiveness in accounts. And the link checker? Google doesn’t always catch 404 error pages, so without Alfred, these could have gone unnoticed and wasted budget for months.

Alfred also allows LP to experiment more with scripts. LP has been running scripts for a while but used to use Google’s Ad Script system. Alfred is being hosted on LP servers, which means scripts can be run much faster. The difference in servers is significant—for some scripts, they went from taking days to run to mere minutes. This allows LP to efficiently run experimental scripts and test out different features that Alfred could have in the future.

And does it benefit employees?

Alfred benefits employees and the clients LP serves. The software decreases the likelihood for error in accounts because if something is missed by the team at LP, Alfred will still catch it. The knowledge, skills, and best practices of LP’s most experienced strategists are accessible across every account, in one tool. Not only does Alfred increase employee efficiency, but it’s also able to do this without sacrificing accuracy, meaning accounts will still perform just as well if not better than before. This allows LP to maintain a small and more nimble workforce while keeping its prices affordable.

Wow… what’s next?

Alfred is a system that combines automation with human decision making. Alfred allows us to react to new features, platform changes, and new strategies by minimizing the amount of time between development and deployment for each Alfred script. The program will continue to evolve in the coming months as LP develops the technology further, and is another great example of how LP is reshaping the digital marketing landscape.


Lina Allen

Lina Allen is a Sales Enablement Specialist at Logical Position who enjoys working on projects that challenge and inspire her. In her spare time, she loves to push herself out of her comfort zone by learning languages, traveling the world, and doing adventure sports.
By Lina Allen | August 08, 2019