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About Youssef El-Mansy

As Director of SMB Search at Logical Position, Youssef oversees Paid Search strategy and implementation across all small to medium-sized business clients. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, camping, hiking, fishing, and reading books.

Recent Posts

Hitting the Bullseye: How To Find Your Target Audience

Ever feel like your ads aren’t reaching the right audience? When you started your adventure with PPC advertising, did you feel like you were driving with a blindfold on? Audience targeting is a powerful tool, used to guide potential customers down the sales funnel, transforming [...]

By Youssef El-Mansy | June 04, 2019 |
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5 Tips for Getting Started With In-Page Analytics

Did you know that within your existing Google Analytics account, you can see a report that gives you a visual assessment of your statistics for each page of your website?[...]

By Youssef El-Mansy | May 29, 2015 |
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Save Time With AdWords Editor

As an account builder for Logical Position, I use Editor on a daily basis to build, optimize, and change campaign settings. Editor can be your best friend (as it has become mine after years of AdWords management!) -- use it right and you can save hours of work. But use it wrong, [...]

By Youssef El-Mansy | March 10, 2015 |
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Behind the PPC Build

Ever wonder what Logical Position’s PPC account builders are doing back here on our computers? Besides drinking tea and eating popcorn, there is a lot that happens in the back office. As an account builder with three years of experience, I have the PPC build down to a science.[...]

By Youssef El-Mansy | February 05, 2015 |
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