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About Tyler Conlee

Tyler has been a developer for over 5 years, and constantly works on learning new technologies/practices. When not staring at code, he's likely traveling, debating pointless topics (GIF has a hard 'g', like "graphics") or marathoning through yet another TV series.

Recent Posts

5 Quick Tips for Website Optimization

"The web should be fast." That's been one of Google's mantras for the last couple years, as the web has grown exponentially. What they've seen is that as the web grows and more and more websites are created, there are a significant number of them that aren't optimized well enough [...]

By Tyler Conlee | June 16, 2015 |
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Top Takeaways from WWDC 2015

Every year, Apple holds its developer conference, The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, in San Francisco. This is where they announce new operating systems for both their Mac and iOS product lines, as well as show off their sales numbers for the last year. This year, [...]

By Tyler Conlee | June 12, 2015 |
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How the Web Works

An estimated 3.1 billion people currently have access to the Internet. That's nearly 50% of the planet's population. And of those 3.1 billion, approximately 44.3% shop online. Using simple math, that means there are around 1.37 billion looking to buy goods online.[...]

By Tyler Conlee | May 08, 2015 |
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