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About Mike Weinhouse

With over a decade of Internet marketing experience, Michael has led Logical Position’s growth from founding to its position today as a leader in digital marketing. Today, he oversees all sales and product development for the company.
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Logical Position's Go-To AdWords Performance Checklist

At Logical Position, we offer free performance assessments, but there are plenty of easy ways for you to check your campaign’s performance on your own, too! Below is our Google AdWords performance checklist with the top five areas to inspect when you’re trying to determine your [...]

By Mike Weinhouse | May 18, 2015 |
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Google Forecast: New AdWords Tools Will Soon Make Your Life Way Easier

During the Step Inside AdWords livestream last week, Googlers Jerry Dischler and Paul Feng clued us all into the innovations Google AdWords has in store for the next year. And guess what? Everying hinges on user experience.[...]

By Mike Weinhouse | May 15, 2015 |
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How to Help Your Service Business Avoid Negative Reviews

Where’s the first place consumers go when they want to learn about a business? Google search, of course. A company’s reputation is defined mostly by what can be found online or in the news. With the ease of comparative shopping, it is more important than ever for businesses to [...]

By Mike Weinhouse | April 28, 2015 |
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In the Wake of More Google Updates Having a Solid PPC Strategy Pays Off

Google released another search update a few months ago called Hummingbird. It rewards websites with relevant, original content and attempts to penalize those that have irrelevant content or are spam-filled. This comes just a short time after the major Penguin and Panda updates [...]

By Mike Weinhouse | November 21, 2013 |
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